Bible Study for heathens

by Yeaxlanda Kay, directed by Joey Rizzolo

Bible Study for Heathens is an original, one-woman show written and performed by (according to the NY Times) "America's Poet," Yeauxlanda Kay, chronicling her journey through ten world religions by means of ritual, tradition, games, and re-enactments. Often funny, sometimes, sad, and always smart, Bible Study is an honest and revelatory inquiry about the search for faith and divinity.

Set Design: Joey Rizzolo

Video Designer: Cara Francis

Lighting Designer: Sarah Livant

Manager: Kyra Sims

Production Intern: Connor Scully

Stage Managers: Nikki Castle

A funny and politically pointed jab at the sexism, homophobia, and material indulgences of ten major religions.
— Eleanor J. Bader, Theatre is Easy
...beautifully moving, making a point that transcends religion. Regardless of your own personal spirituality, Bible Study for Heathens will change how you see the need for religion.
— Rachel Kerry, New York Theatre Review

Produced by the New York Neo-Futurists
Opened: May 10, 2016 at Judson Church, NYC (world premiere)