Butterflies are free (opens June 21)

by Leonard Gershe, directed by Joey Rizzolo

This farce based on Harold Krents and inspired by Dickens, Butterflies are Free revolves around a blind man living in downtown Manhattan whose controlling mother disapproves of his relationship with a free-spirited hippie. This production takes place in a world unique to America in general and to New York in particular, where human beings contain contradictory impulses: to live-and-let-live, and to make everyone else’s business your own. Between them is a story that is at the heart of every faced of disability: navigating unknown territory.

Cast: Connor O’Loughlin (Don), Christine Impara (Jill), Tracey Field (Florence), & Nani Borges (Ralph)

Set Designer: Laura Carlson-Tarantowski

Lighting Designer: Jamie Benjamin

Costume Designer: April Rock

Sound Designer: Marley Gonzalez

Stage Manager: Lauren Ward

Produced by The Oberlin Summer Theater Festival
Opened: June 21, 2019, Oberlin, OH