by Collin McConnell, directed by Joey Rizzolo

Based on Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part Two, Collin McConnell’s Hal is a meditation on the fear of loss. Hal struggles with the crushing weight of responsibility while saturating himself in a world of escape. Shakespeare’s Hal was a prince in a coming-of-age story that resulted in the prosperity of a nation. This play puts the titular prince on a stage so he can see the hole in the nation’s paper sky.

Cast: Ezioma Asonye (Hal), Arnold Trevino (Thomas, Falstaff, Bardolph), Katharine Chin (John, Quickly, Travers), Kat Dunn Watson (Henry, Percy), Ryan Cooper (Humphrey, Mortimer), Jodie Bell Cortez (Francis)

Set Designer: Matthew Crane

Lighting Designer: Carolyn Wong

Costume Designer: Sophie Schneider

Sound Designer: Fred Kennedy

Stage Manager: Suzi Bonnot

Produced by The New School for Drama
Opened: February 15, 2019, NYC (world premiere)