ROMeo & Juliet

directed by Joey Rizzolo

This classic tale of love in a world of violence is imagined as a story of young people destroying the status quo. Starting in the tomb and counting down each sunrise before reaching its fateful ending, this iteration placed the tragedy of the story on a city so consumed by violence that its future is utterly erased. The 'stars' of these star-crossed lovers, Mars and Venus, are not stars in conflict; Mars wins, and Venus wins. Romeo & Juliet ends as it begins, because Romeo and Juliet get exactly what they want: they get an eternity together.

Cast: Elisabeth Yancey (Juliet), Casey McKinney (Romeo), Teresa DeBerry (Nurse), Matthew Wright (Friar Laurence), David Bugher (Capulet), Courtney Brown (Lady Capulet), Jaris Owens (Tybalt), Gregory James (Mercutio, Watch), Callie Harlow (Benvolio), Andrew Knode (Escalus, Friar John), Julian Guerrieri (Paris), John Polk (Montague), Laura Starnik (Lady Montague), Mike Frye (Abraham, Peter, Watch), Paige Baskin (Rosaline, Page), Hanna Shykind (Gregory, Balthazar), Jack Miller (Sampson, Petruchio, Watch)

Composer: Piper Hill

Choreographer: Holly Handeman

Fight Choreographer: Joey Rizzolo (view combat videos here)

Set Designer: Laura Carlson-Tarantowski

Lighting Designer: Jamie Benjamin

Costume Designers: April Rock and Kerry McCarthy

Stage Manager: Delaynie Rizer

Produced by OSTF
Opened: July 6, 2018 at Hall Auditorium, Oberlin