ROberto Zucco

by Bernard-Marie Koltès, directed by Joey Rizzolo

Roberto Zucco was the last play by French writer Bernard-Marie Koltès, "a pioneer of a wholly new style of dramatic writing" (The Times). Wildly popular in Europe and Asia, this play is seldom produced in the United States despite the fact that its heart is deeply embedded in American squalor. This ensemble-driven production is one of the few to date that has introduced the United States to Roberto Zucco. In a series of poetic, fast-moving scenes, Rizzolo takes Koltès’ titular antihero and his counterpart (‘The Girl’) on parallel, mythical journeys through a landscape of strange and violent beauty.

Cast: Ezioma Asonye (First Officer, Sad Detective, Police Chief, Bystander), Arnold Treviño (Second Officer, Father, Detective, Cop, Pimp), Chris Costa (Roberto Zucco), Hallie Schwartz (Mother, Bloke, Elegant Lady), Rachael Worthington (Girl), Tori Ernst (Sister, Madam), Jinho Woo (Brother, Bystander), Hyojin Park (Mother, Bloke, Child), Katharine Chin (Panicked Prostitute, Bloke, Bystander), Kat Dunn Watson (Old Gentlewoman, Prostitute, Bystander), Ryan Cooper (Fatman, Bystander)

Set Designer: Frank Oliva

Lighting Designer: Dante Olivia Smith

Costume Designer: Whitney Locher

Sound Designer: Tyler Kieffer

Projection Designers: Bailey Macejak and Katherine Teed-Arthur

Stage Manager: Corinn Moreno

Assistant Stage Manager: Jonathan Castanien

Produced by The New School for Drama
Opened: December 5, 2018, NYC